Tokayev visits oldest Palace of Schoolchildren in Almaty

On March 21, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev visited the oldest children’s centre in the city – the Palace of Schoolchildren during his working trip to Almaty. The Palace building is the same age as many generations and an architectural monument of the southern capital, the press office of Akorda reported to

The Kazakh leader inspected the progress of the first stage of construction and the prospects of restoration and modernisation of the children’s science and education cluster, as well as the work being done by the Almaty City Hall to promote the cognitive and multifaceted development of girls and boys who attend the Palace.

The President visited an exhibition of children’s works of art and the innovative block of the Palace of Schoolchildren that comprises the biology and neurotechnology laboratories, hydroponics, 3D modelling and robotics clubs, animation and sound recording studios and platforms for other educational media projects.

Talking to the wunderkinds, the President congratulated them on Nauryz and presented the gifts, among which the children liked very much a modern research telescope and a tour bus for their education pastime.

22 мар 2022, 11:06
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