Tajikistan prevents sharp rise in exchange rate and food prices

On March 15, the ninth session of the Parliament of the sixth convocation chaired by Speaker of the upper house of the Parliament Rustam Emomali took place in Dushanbe. The meeting focused on the impact of the international political situation on Tajik economy, the press office of the Parliament reported. 

Rustam Emomali emphasised that the changing international situation could have adverse effects on Tajikistan’s economic growth.

He instructed that the necessary measures be taken to prevent the unjustified rise in the exchange rate of foreign currencies, including the US dollar, as well as the unreasonable rise in food prices.

Earlier, the National Bank commented on the sharp devaluation of the national currency – Tajikistan somoni. Representatives of the financial institution noted that the Bank had made a one-time adjustment to reduce pressure on the foreign exchange market in Tajikistan and hedge against currency fluctuations.

17 мар 2022, 09:47

Rustam Emomali

Photo source: majmilli.tj

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