Government of Kyrgyzstan suggests probability of protracted crisis

First Vice Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Arzybek Kozhoshev, who has recently been appointed Deputy Chairman of the Anti-Crisis Committee for Rapid Response to Socio-Economic Challenges, met with members of the scientific community. The parties discussed the steps to be taken to respond to the crisis due to the developments that are taking place in the region, the press office of the Government of Kyrgyzstan reports.

“There is a risk that the crisis will continue. Don’t panic. Currently, the Cabinet of Ministers is developing a package of anti-crisis measures, which should stem from term,” Kozhoshev emphasised.

Members of the scientific community and civil society proposed prompt measures in such areas as food security, external migration, pharmaceutical stocks and financial policy.

Since the beginning of March this year, there have been sharp jumps in the currency market of Kyrgyzstan; the US dollar has risen in value from 84.9 soms to 106.5 soms in two weeks.

16 мар 2022, 09:32

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