Tajikistan makes electric vehicles affordable to its citizens

On March 14, the lower house of the Parliament held a regular third session meeting in Dushanbe. Speaker of the lower house Mahmadtoir Zokirzoda chaired the meeting. The parliamentarians discussed a draft law on amendments and additions to the Tax Code on the imports of electric vehicles, the press office of the Parliament reported.

Minister of Finance Kakhhorzoda Fayziddin said the amendments envisaged exempting taxes and customs duties, VAT and excise for importing electric vehicles and buses, trolleybuses and other electricity-powered vehicles for 10 years.

Chairman of the Customs Service of Tajikistan Karimzoda Khurshed emphasised that these amendments and additions aimed to ensure the effective implementation of the green economy, protect the environment and address environmental issues in the country.

Electric vehicles are assembled in Tajikistan’s neighbouring countries. They are inexpensive. When exempt from customs duties, these goods can change the situation with the sale of used gasoline-powered vehicles with spark-ignited internal combustion engines.

16 мар 2022, 09:27
Photo source: parlament.tj

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