Rules regarding festive events and funeral ceremonies change in Kyrgyzstan

On February 24, President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sadyr Japarov signed the Decree on the optimisation of festive events and funeral ceremonies in the country. The leader of Kyrgyzstan noted that conceit, boastfulness and a disdainful attitude towards the social status of other people during family celebrations and funeral ceremonies have been growing in Kyrgyz society, the press office of the President of Kyrgyzstan reports.

All this leads to the implanting of extraneous and destructive ideas and values, such as selfishness, lack of restraint and immorality in society.

It was noted that these exorbitant costs damage the family budget and, eventually deteriorate living standards of the people.

The Decree recommends that citizens avoid spending large sums of money, slaughtering a large number of livestock and other excesses for family and jubilee celebrations, funerals and other commemoration ceremonies.

A deputy of Parliament, Vice Speaker Kubanychbek Isabekov has submitted the draft Decree to his colleagues for consideration.

26 фев 2022, 11:16
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