President of Uzbekistan reviews situation in fishing industry

On December 20, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on food security issues and the support for Uzbekistan’s fishing industry, the press office of the President of Uzbekistan reported.

The Uzbek leader said fish production had grown sixfold over the past 5 years and reached almost 400,000 tonnes in 2021 through the implementation of a number of projects in the fishing industry. However, the existing potential is being underutilized.

In this regard, measures will be taken to enhance the development of Uzbekistan’s fishing industry through creating cluster and cooperative fish farms. It is planned to increase fish production up to 600,000 tonnes next year.

More than 10,000 farms will be engaged in fishing and fish farming; it is also planned to provide compensation and benefits to the clusters, which produce more than 80 tonnes of fish per year or involve foreign specialists. The “Every family is an entrepreneur” programme envisages doubling the volume of loans, conducting training seminars for those wishing to farm fish and reducing taxes for fish farming households.

President Mirziyoyev gave specific instructions to the officials to implement the fishing industry development plans and create new jobs.

24 дек 2021, 09:47
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