Meeting in commemoration of Battle of Moscow takes place in capital of Tajikistan

On December 5, a meeting in commemoration of the Battle of Moscow of World War II and the exploits of the Tajik Mountain Cavalry Division, who fought against the Nazi troops, took place on the territory of the Victory Park in Dushanbe. A flower-laying ceremony at the Eternal Flame was held during the event, the MIR 24 TV Channel reported.

Jubilee medals were awarded to the activists who keep the memory of the Great Patriotic War. Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Dushanbe Igor Lyakin-Frolov took part in the award ceremony. After laying flowers, the participants honoured the memory of the heroes of World War II with a minute of silence.

A historian Gafur Shermatov noted that representatives of the younger and older generations took part in the meeting. He said the hearts of people continued to be filled with the happiness of victory. A young warrior Alexander Moshin emphasised that such events were useful for young citizens, adding that the heroes of World War II were not forgotten.

The Tajik Red Banner Mountain Cavalry Division destroyed more than 40 tanks, 60 guns, almost 6 million shells and mines and 4,000 fascists during one month of 1941.

08 дек 2021, 12:05
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