Meeting between defence ministers of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

On November 22, a military delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan headed by Minister of Defence Lieutenant-General Murat Bektanov arrived in the capital of Uzbekistan, the press office of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan reported.

The meeting focused on military and military-technical partnerships between the two neighbouring countries, in particular the outcomes of the Kalkan-2021 joint military exercise that had taken place in Kazakhstan and the progress of the ongoing Hamkorlik-2021 military exercise in Uzbekistan. The agenda of the meeting also covered the exchange of experience in combat training and regional security issues.

Following the meeting, the parties signed an Agreement between the Ministries of Defence of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to hold a number of joint events.

The military delegation of Kazakhstan will visit the Victory Park memorial complex in Tashkent and the Chimgan mountain training centre during its visit to Uzbekistan.

The members of the military delegation of Kazakhstan will watch the Hamkorlik-2021 military exercise, taking place at the Termez training ground in the Southwestern military region.

The delegation of Kazakhstan will complete its visit to Uzbekistan on November 24.

23 ноя 2021, 10:38
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