80,000 cars driven from Russia remain unregistered in Kazakhstan

Car owners who bought vehicles abroad are to register their vehicles in Kazakhstan within ten days.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan received a long list of cars, which had been removed from the register in Russia, but had not been registered with the authorities of Kazakhstan. This was a direct violation, and the presence of such vehicles on the territory of the Republic was illegal, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Yerlan Turgumbayev said in an interview with journalists on November 8, Vlast reports.

The Minister of Internal Affairs noted that regular measures were taken, for preventive purposes, to explain to car owners that vehicles purchased abroad must be registered in Kazakhstan within ten days. Unfortunately, many drivers have a banal excuse: “We have bought it to drive”.

In response to the request, the neighbouring state provided data on 80,000 cars that had arrived in Kazakhstan and had been deregistered in the Russian Federation in accordance with purchase and sale agreements, the Minister said. To date, none of these vehicles had undergone a technical inspection in Kazakhstan, and their condition was unknown, Turgumbayev added.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in total, there are 210,000 cars with Russian registration in Kazakhstan; most of them are used legally – in trust.

09 ноя 2021, 09:40
Photo source: aktobeinfo.kz

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