President of Turkmenistan visits construction site of Ahal City

Berdimuhamedov got acquainted with the sketches of a children’s rehabilitation center, a museum, a flagpole, a circus, an underground passage.

On October 21, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov inspected the construction site of a new administrative center built in the Ahal province. The «Ahal City» megaproject will be implemented using green technologies and intelligent systems. It was reported by the state news agency «Turkmenistan Today».

First of all, Berdimuhamedov visited the construction site of the children’s health and rehabilitation center. Deryageldi Orazov, the head of the Directorate of Construction Facilities of the Ministry of Construction, reported on the ongoing work. He showed the leader of the country sketches of the corresponding center, which will consist of one administrative building, a first-aid post, a two-level parking lot for 20 places.

Then the head of the state got acquainted with the drawings of the local history museum, the 115 meters high flagpole, and the underground passage. The president was also shown sketches of the state circus. Berdimuhamedov approved them. 

The area of Akhal City has been thoroughly studied by scientists, taking into account seismicity and ecological status.

The new regional administrative center will have a single ecosystem that controls city structures and services, smart homes, and data centers. A special application for local residents will be created. It will allow them paying bills, as well as receive various information regarding the city.

It must be added that the implementation of the megaproject was launched in April 2019.

23 окт 2021, 08:30

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov

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