Tokayev highly evaluates combat readiness after Otpantau-2021 exercise

The military exercise involved 9,000 military servants, 3,000 weapons and machines, 66 aircrafts and 8 ships.

On September 23, President of Kazakhstan and Supreme Commander-in-Chief Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev watched the Otpantau-2021 operational, strategic and command exercise during his visit to Mangistau Region. The training ground of the military exercise was the Oimasha firing ground, the press office of the President of Kazakhstan reported.

The large-scale professional training was the final stage of a surprise combat readiness check at the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan. It was conducted during this month. 9,000 soldiers and officers took part in the military operation training that involved 3,000 weapons and machines, 66 aircrafts and 8 ships.

The President visited the central point of the General Staff, received the reports from the Minister of Defence and the commanders of key branches of the Armed Forces and checked combat readiness of the Special Forces unit and modern weapons and machines. The President watched the military exercise from the viewing platform.

After the military exercise had concluded, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief congratulated the participants and organisers of the military operation training. He noted that the territory of the military exercise was a symbol of statehood, unity and solidarity of the people. Centuries ago, our ancestors kindled a signal fire on Mount Otpantau to signify danger, and warriors went to defend the Motherland from the foot of the mountain, the leader of Kazakhstan said.

The President highly evaluated the excellent combat readiness of the Armed Forces that showed high results at international events.

25 сен 2021, 08:28
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