Decline in ‘shadow’ economy recorded in Kazakhstan

The incidence of economic crimes has fallen over the past 4 years.

On September 20, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev received Chairman of the Financial Monitoring Agency Zhanat Elimanov, who reported on the work done to counter the factors influencing the ‘grey’ economy, the press office of Akorda reported to

Zhanat Elimanov reported that more than 1,500 economic crimes had been detected over 8 months of the year, 803 of them were particularly serious. The successive operational activities have resulted in preventing the activities of 36 organised criminal groups, breaking up the production of counterfeit alcoholic beverages in 26 sweatshops and closing 224 unlicensed gambling establishments.

Elimanov stated that the share of the ‘shadow’ economy had fallen from 29 to 20% over 4 years. To date, a 3-year plan for combating financial crime has been endorsed with the Government.

The official also informed that the measures of social importance were being conducted, which allowed revealing the embezzlement of state assets allocated to food price stabilization funds. Elimanov reported on 36 pre-trial investigations initiated against the heads of specialized children’s and health and social centres. He noted that their actions had amounted to 376 million tenge in damage.

Following the meeting, the President set a number of specific tasks for the Agency.

21 сен 2021, 08:41

Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev

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