Deputies of Ak Zhol faction question about failure of digital transformation programmes

The expediency of the Agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and the SBER Group (RF) provoked this issue.

On September 15, a member of Parliament Maksat Ramankulov noted that the Memorandum on a digital government database between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the SBER Group (Russia) had initiated a debate in society. He recalled that the party had previously spoken about critical gaps in domestic digital integration, the Vlast information resource writes.

The parliamentarian described the ‘deceleration’ of the existing platforms due to the pandemic as particularly clear. The problems of e-services in health care, education, social security, taxation and other areas emerged immediately. This fact testified to the ineffective use of substantial funds allocated over many years by the state for digital transformation, Ramankulov said at the plenary session of the Mazhilis.

According to the information source, the deputies are aware that the dilemma of Kazakhstan’s falling behind on digital transformation is getting worse with the modern technological advances and the birth of new realities in the world. They also realize that there is an urgent need to integrate government agencies into a single IT platform. However, there are still some questions.

The members of the faction asked the Government whether the Agreement should be regarded as a recognition of the ‘fiasco’ of previous digital transformation programmes and the ineffectiveness of state investments in them. They had questions about whether the chances of domestic or world’s largest IT companies for fair competition had been studied at the development stage and how information security would be ensured at the implementation stage of the Memorandum.

16 сен 2021, 09:00

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