About 111 000 new jobs were created in Turkmenistan in 5 years

Approximately 75% of the jobs belong to the private sector of the national economy.

About 111 000 new jobs were created in Turkmenistan in 2015-2020. The corresponding results were achieved thanks to the implementation of the program on improving the employment system in the specified period. It was reported by the press office of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan on September 8.

According to Mayagozel Babaeva, deputy head of the Department of Labor Resources and Employment under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, approximately 75% of the jobs are in the private sector. She stressed that such success was achieved due to the broad support of entrepreneurship by the state and the existence of concessional loans in the country.

The official noted that in the future, tens of thousands of new jobs will be created in Turkmenistan due to large investments in the manufacturing sector. It will be realized as part of the state program for the social and economic development for 2019-2025.

On August 25, a new full-cycle textile complex was put into operation in the Ahal province. About 1.3 thousand jobs were created thanks to the opening of the facility.

09 сен 2021, 09:43

Photo source: metbugat.gov.tm

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