Ministry of Health of Tajikistan says Delta variant may exist in the country

According to Deputy Minister of Health Mukhsinzoda, the Indian COVID strain could have entered the Republic from Russia.

On July 26, First Deputy Minister of Health of Tajikistan Gafur Mukhsinzoda held a press conference on the work done by the Ministry in the first 6 months of the year in Dushanbe. He said experts admitted the Delta variant existed in the country, the press office of the Ministry of Health reported.

He said the positive COVID-19 test results had been sent to a special laboratory in London. According to him, all the symptoms indicate the entry of the Indian COVID variant into the Republic.

He stressed that Delta had entered Tajikistan from Russia through the people who had arrived in the state with a negative COVID-19 test results during the incubation period and infected other citizens a few days later.

Mukhsinzoda noted that the situation in the country was not critical, and therefore, there was no need to introduce quarantine measures. He called on citizens of Tajikistan to follow personal hygiene habits.

In total, 14,673 coronavirus cases have been registered in the country, 118 people died.

28 июл 2021, 08:31

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