Disaster losses in Tajikistan total US$ 9.7 million in January-July

In total, 299 emergencies and natural disasters were registered, 38 of them caused material damage.

On July 23, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defence of Tajikistan Imomali Ibrohimzoda held a press conference on the work done in the first 6 months of the year. He said natural disasters resulted in 111 million somoni (over US$ 9.7 million) in damage in the reporting period, the press office of the Committee reported.

A total of 299 emergencies and natural disasters were registered in the country in January-July, he said. 38 of them caused material damage. Natural disasters destructed 337 houses, about 3,500 hectares of areas under crops and over 212 kilometres of roads.

9 people died in mudflows, 7 in avalanches, 5 in landslides and 2 in rockfall accidents. 69 people died from drowning due the failure to follow safety rules. Ibrohimzoda said there were currently 1,405 hazard-prone areas, where about 766,000 people lived.

As was reported, natural disasters caused US$ 54,000 in damage to Tajikistan’s forestry sector in the first 5 months of the year.

26 июл 2021, 08:57

Photo source: kchs.tj

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