Ministry of Education states Tajik students threatened in Kyrgyzstan

Minister of Education of Tajikistan Imomzoda said students from Tajikistan had been threatened with physical violence after the conflict on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border.

Minister of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan Mahmadyusuf Imomzoda held a press conference at the Tajik-Russian (Slavic) University on the work done by the Ministry in January-July this year. He said there was a threat to students from Tajikistan in Kyrgyzstan, the press office of the Ministry of Education reported.

Tajik students were threatened with physical violence and persecuted after the conflict on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border, he said.

Noting that the Ministry was receiving many complaints and petitions, Imomzoda stated that all of them would be considered, and young people would be transferred to the institutions of higher educational in Tajikistan.

“We will not leave our students in trouble. All those willing will be able to return home and continue to study their specialty at local universities,” the Minister said.

Over 2,000 young citizens of Tajikistan study in the neighbouring country currently.

As was reported, the lack of consensus about the ownership of the Golovnoy water distribution point led to the escalation in the border situation between the Republics on April 28.

20 июл 2021, 11:28
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