Rahmon inspects combat readiness of troops on Afghan border

The President talked to the soldiers of the regular units and subdivisions in Khatlon Region.

On July 16, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon visited Khatlon Region, where he inspected the combat readiness of military personnel and equipment in Panj and Mir Said Ali Hamadoni districts. When talking to the border guards, he dwelt on political instability in Afghanistan, the press office of the President of Tajikistan reports.

Rahmon visited the military base of a border detachment in Pyanj district, where 2,000 military servants and reservists lined up.

The President said the protection of the Tajik-Afghan border played a crucial role in ensuring security of the CIS and the European Union. He called on all border guards to be vigilant and prepared for any situation, since the political and security situation in the IRA was complicated and unpredictable. Then a military parade took place.

The President inspected the provision of the military personnel with food products and essential supplies and their living conditions.

Rahmon visited Mir Said Ali Hamadoni district, where he inspected the combat readiness of heavy armoured vehicles, weaponry and military ammunition. The President also visited an exhibition of weaponry and military equipment.

The leader of Tajikistan emphasised that the establishment of the national border troops was one of the greatest achievements of independence of Tajikistan.

19 июл 2021, 11:49
Photo source: president.tj

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