CSTO helps Tajikistan combat militants on border with Afghanistan

Press Secretary of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Vladimir Zainetdinov said assistance would be provided upon request of the authorities of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization intends to help the authorities of Tajikistan combat the radical  Taliban movement  (banned in Russia and Tajikistan), who had attacked a border post near the Tajik-Afghan border, the RIA Novosti News Agency reported on June 28.

CSTO Press Secretary Vladimir Zainetdinov made this statement. He noted that Secretary General Stanislav Zas would visit Dushanbe soon to discuss the situation on the border with the authorities and military commanders of the Republic.

Zainetdinov said the CSTO could provide the Republic with political, military and military-technical assistance upon request of Tajikistan. He emphasised that Dushanbe had made no request so far.

As was reported, on June 22, the Taliban attacked the Sherkhan-Bandar customs and trade crossing in immediate proximity to the Tajik border. 134 soldiers of the IRA troops took refuge on the territory of the Central Asian country.

30 июн 2021, 10:17
Photo source: sputnik.tj

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